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Telos A&S workshop – Milan, April 3


“The world of Public Affairs: when lobbyists make a difference”

The workshop, curated by Mariella Palazzolo and Marco Sonsini, partners of Telos A&S, an independent professional firm specialized in lobbying, Public Affairs and political analysis, will take place in Milan at the Studio Legale Ghia headquarters, aiming to focus on the importance of lobbying activities in the context of Public Affairs.

TMA Italy convention – Milan November 25


“Turnaround as a profession: from form to substance. Entrepreneurship during insolvency procedures”

The TMA Italy convention, which will take place at the Italian headquarters of PwC in Milan, aims to focus on important issues for all Turnaround professionals, such as the rightful continuation of a company’s work during the insolvency procedure stage.

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