Practices areas

Our Firm is one of the most quoted firms in Italy in the fields of Corporate, Commercial, Bankruptcy and Banking Law

Corporate law


Ghia Law Firm provides legal assistance in the field of Corporate Law to entrepreneurs, companies, investment funds and, more generally, any Italian and foreign legal entity, supporting its clients in ordinary corporate and commercial transactions, assistance in Corporate Governance choices, as well as due diligence for extraordinary transactions: corporate formation/operations/ governance; organizational/subsidiary issues; mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions; private equity transactions, financing and strategic market alliances.


This activity requires technical knowledge of the life of the company and its needs, the ability to address, with appropriate contractual structures, the issues of the company’s day-to-day management as well as those relating to extraordinary transactions such as capital increases, the transfer of share packages and the sale of the company itself or its branches.


The consulting activity is combined with the litigation expertise in disputes involving issues of Corporate Law before any Italian jurisdiction. Our professionals are often called upon to play leading roles in national and international arbitrations involving complex issues related to Corporate Law.


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