Practices areas

Our Firm is one of the most quoted firms in Italy in the fields of Corporate, Commercial, Bankruptcy and Banking Law

Insolvency procedures and restructuring


The field of Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency Proceedings is one of the Firm’s most well-developed practices.

On 2002 Lucio Ghia was asked by the Italian Ministry to serve on the Committee for Italian Bankruptcy Reform that was responsible for drafting and implementing the model law on Italian corporate insolvencies. Since then the Firm has been active in the field.

Ghia Law Firm has also co-founded Turnaround Management Association – Italia, an Italian chapter of the American Association with a registered office in Chicago.


The new provisions introduced by the current legislation have been widely studied by the Firm, which is able to provide assistance to companies in crisis or insolvent with innovative solutions of corporate restructuring and turnaround, supporting management in the different stages of the business crisis: from the emersion of the crisis to the identification of the most appropriate tools for the specific case and their management.

The firm also offers advice and defense in court regarding litigation that may originate from a corporate crisis or the opening of insolvency proceedings.


Attestation plans, restructuring agreements, out-of-court settlements, composition with creditors in continuity and liquidator, winding-up proceedings, as well as the management of the newly introduced negotiated crisis settlement procedure, are just some of the tools that Italian regulations now make available to the market.


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