About us

Our team consists of excellent and dynamic professionals meeting the needs of our clients throughout Italy and worldwide

Our Values

The firm has developed its Ethics Code, which integrates duties and social issues, based on the values of excellence, dedication and passion, to which is added the continuous training made available to all members through the GHIA ACADEMY.




The network

Ghia Law Firm is strongly rooted in the Italian territory where it has consolidated a Legal Network that constitutes the natural evolution of a longlasting professional relationship between over 100 leading law firms all over Italy, operating in every districts of the national Courts.

The experience acquired in this way has produced a high integration of IT standards and best practices so to create an efficient and effective network capable of dialoguing in real time and being present throughout the country, providing a differentiated, specific and punctual service.

In order to ensure an increasingly high level of specialization for its clients and to respond to the technological and innovation needs of the market, in the past few years the Firm has seen fit to manage specific sectors through participation in lawyers companies and professional associations.


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